Celebrating 100 editing blogs and 7 years of Right with Rhonda

This blog is my 100th blog since I started my editing business Right with Rhonda and website in late 2013. My very first blog in November 2013 was on How to identify spam with all its unedited errors.

Many blogs are based on issues which arise in my day to day work as a self-employed academic editor and as a professional member of the Institute of Professional Editors. Thanks to all my clients over the years for providing such interesting material to edit and making me think.

Blog topics have included:

I was pleased to announce in my blog in September 2016 that, having passed the Institute of Professional Editors’ accreditation exam, I am an Accredited Editor (AE).

My blog in August 2019 on editing by Zoom was ahead of the widespread use of Zoom in 2020 due to COVID-19. I am used to working efficiently in a home office, but my year also included editing papers on COVID, with the importance of clear communication explained here and here.

The value of professional editing is clear with a good return on investment, but writers can also learn how to write more efficiently and how to edit your own work with all my blog tips. Remember, it’s about making it easy for the reader.

Read all my 100 blogs on my website here.

Please contact me with your editing and writing inquiries at rhdaniels@bigpond.com

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