Right with Rhonda provides high quality, professional research, review and editing services by Dr Rhonda Daniels AE. See Pricing for guidance of pricing of services.

Research and analysis services  – Research right with Rhonda

Rhonda provides a range of research services from fact-checking, reference sourcing, literature review, survey design, data analysis, communication of results, presentations and more. Rhonda can develop and/or implement a research plan including advising on existing data sources and new data sources. If you don’t know something and don’t have time to find it yourself, leave it to Rhonda. See Rhonda’s published work here.

Review services – Think right with Rhonda

Rhonda casts a critical eye over your project, including articles, reports, surveys, business cases, applications, tenders and proposals, and plays the role of your toughest yet most constructive critic. Rhonda critically reviews your project, or work you have commissioned, and tells you whether:

  • it meets external criteria and requirements
  • the arguments are clear and supported by evidence
  • it makes sense
  • it is logical
  • it can be improved.

Rhonda works with you to improve your work to ensure it meets your objectives.

Editing, writing and proofreading services – Write right with Rhonda

Rhonda ensures you convey a high quality, professional image in all your written communication by focusing on both the big picture and the detail to ensure the right message for the right audience.

Rhonda structures and organises your information, and advises on both text and non-text elements such as use of graphics, tables and images.

Rhonda helps you:

  • convey a professional image by ensuring consistency in style and formatting
  • avoid embarrassing errors
  • ensure your meaning is clear
  • communicate effectively through text and non-text elements
  • ensure the right message and voice for your audience.

Rhonda works on a wide range of material including:

  • academic material such as theses, journal articles, conference papers, conference proceedings and research reports
  • longer material such as theses, books, reports, business cases and annual reports
  • shorter material such as brochures, newsletters, and websites
  • surveys
  • applications, grants, tenders and proposals
  • powerpoint presentations.

See the Institute of Professional Editors’ Australian standards for editing practice and Guidelines for editing research theses. See Rhonda’s Guidelines for students on thesis editing.

Email Rhonda on (preferred) or phone (02) 9521 8381 to discuss your project.

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