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The value of editing and return on investment

Editing is not often thought of in financial or investment terms, but editing does add value and can have a high return on investment, known as ROI.

Consider these examples where editing has direct measurable monetary value:

  • editing a job application including cover letter, resume and selection criteria
  • editing an application for an award, with or without a monetary prize
  • editing an application for a grant, tender or expression of interest.

I recently edited a successful application for an award where the monetary value of the cash award was 10 times the cost of the editing. Yes, the raw material was high quality, but editing helps package the material effectively. Even awards with no monetary prize can translate into future monetary value if the award increases future job opportunities.

Editing can ensure the available information is presented in the best light, and is communicated clearly and accurately. An editor is a set of fresh eyes to ensure all criteria are met including word length, attachments and any specific requirements.

Think of the return on investment next time you consider editing. Editing is good value.

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