Whatever the area, Rhonda has always had a strong interest in getting it right and spends a lot of time reading, writing and editing her own and others’ work. Rhonda has over 20 years’ experience in getting it right in research and policy analysis for NSW government departments and universities and in volunteer experience with the Australian Plants Society which all helps ensure your project is right for you.

Rhonda is an Accredited Editor with the Institute of Professional Editors, is an active member of the professional association Editors NSW  (a branch of Institute of Professional Editors) and regularly undertakes professional development.

See Rhonda’s Linkedin profile and Rhonda’s CV at January 2017 with professional and volunteer experience, and selected publications and presentations.

Email Rhonda on rhdaniels@bigpond.com (preferred) or phone (02) 9521 8381.

Recent work – research and policy

  • Provided writing services for a major regulatory document for Ausgrid.
  • Provided research support for Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation at NSW Department of Education.
  • Provided research and evaluation services for Centre for Road Safety at Transport for NSW.
  • Drafted a Strategic Business Case for a road program for Roads and Maritime Services.
  • Drafted a Final Business Case for a road project for Roads and Maritime Services.
  • Prepared Strategic Needs Assessment for Parramatta Transport Corridor Strategy for Transport for NSW.
  • Prepared report on modelling assumptions for freight project for Roads and Maritime Services.
  • Prepared Bus Stops Policy Package – Scoping Paper for Transport for NSW.
  • Researched, structured and drafted 30,000 words for non-fiction book for client M.

Recent work – academic editing

  • Edited PhD theses in agricultural economics, archaeology, architecture, built environment, creative arts, development economics, education, engineering, finance, history, infrastructure, IT, international relations, management, marketing, public health, sociology, statistics and transport.
  • Edited Masters theses in building design, creative arts, finance, management, psychology and sociology.
  • Edited journal articles for students and academics in archaeology, built environment, corporate governance, creative arts, education, engineering, finance, history, management, marketing, mining, public health and transport.
  • Edited postgraduate assignments in health, medicine and veterinary science.
  • Edited PhD research proposals in education, finance, infrastructure and management.
  • Edited Human Research Ethics Committee application package in education for student J.
  • Conducted academic writing workshops for PhD students at the University of Sydney Business School.
  • Advised on requirements and write-up of PhD for student G with action plan to complete chapters.
  • Conducted face-to-face session with student J to set up Word file for PhD thesis, demonstrating use of Word features such as styles, headings and formatting.
  • Edited and reviewed ARC Discovery and Linkage applications in management, engineering and science.
  • Edited ARC DECRA application for client Y.
  • Edited applications for academic awards for client V and client M.
  • Edited applications for academic positions and promotions for client V, client R, client M and client G.

Recent work – other editing

  • Edited policy framework, background papers, resource kit and toolkit for Our Watch.
  • Edited research reports for Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety (ANROWS).
  • Edited and reviewed strategic business cases for Transport for NSW.
  • Edited 20,000 word non-fiction book manuscript for client GW, with structural editing and rewriting from third person to first person.
  • Edited academic conference program for University of NSW.
  • Edited CV and Expression of Interest for public sector board position for client S.
  • Edited CV and selection criteria for application for NSW public sector job for client D.

Research experience

  • Designing and undertaking quantitative and qualitative research and analysis projects in transport management, economics, planning and policy; and urban planning. Areas include integrating transport and land use, accessibility, demand management, parking policy, funding, bus planning, urban planning, economic evaluation, and national transport planning.
  • Designing and analysing surveys including Human Research Ethics Committee applications.
  • Liaising and consulting with stakeholders.
  • Communicating results.

Review experience

  • Advising on transport planning and policy issues.
  • Reviewing government reports, plans, strategies and policies.
  • Assessing PhD, Masters and Honours research.
  • Refereeing journal articles and conference papers.

Editing experience

  • Editing academic work: theses, journal articles, conference papers, conference proceedings, research reports, grant applications and research proposals.
  • Editing and formatting reference lists.
  • Editing reports, plans, strategies and policies.
  • Editing annual reports.
  • Editing newsletters.
  • Editing job applications: selection criteria, resume and cover letters.
  • Designing and editing non-text elements including tables, maps and diagrams.
  • Designing and editing marketing and promotional material including leaflets, brochures, posters, enewsletters and website content.
  • Designing and editing Powerpoint presentations.
  • Writing Letters to the Editor.

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