Student mentoring

As well as editing services, Rhonda offers mentoring services to research students. Your supervisors and the resources of your university should always be your first choice, but sometimes you may need more support.

As an academic editor, Rhonda sees most theses just a few weeks before they are due, when there is limited time and opportunity for students to address issues which should have been identified earlier.

As a mentor, Rhonda can use her extensive academic experience to advise you through one or more steps of your research process:

  • considering topics and where to enrol
  • developing a research proposal
  • understanding your institution’s guidelines and processes
  • developing a research timeline and write-up plan
  • setting up a Word file for your thesis
  • advising on academic writing style and requirements
  • advising on reference formatting
  • developing a publication strategy including conference presentations and journal articles
  • responding to examination reports.

New academics may also benefit from advice on many of these steps to establish their career.

Save time, money and stress. Rhonda can help students and new academics managing many responsibilities to use your limited time efficiently to get your research right the first time.

Contact Rhonda on (preferred) or ph (02) 9521 8381.

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