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Australian Manual of Scientific Style

A helpful new resource for writers and editors is the Australian Manual of Scientific Style, known as AMOSS. It is an online only resource for the science writing and editing community released by Biotext.

AMOSS brings together scientific conventions for a wide range of disciplines and aspects of communication. It has been researched, written and tested specifically for an Australian audience of anyone writing, editing or publishing scientific and technical information.

It has four main sections: Writing, Editing, Showing and Resources. Writing covers clear language, types of scientific publications and accessibility. Editing covers the basics, spelling and usage, punctuation, scientific terms, discipline-specific issues and references. Showing covers tables, figures, images, infographics and other visual information. Resources has international standards and resources, and Australian conventions and resources.

Throughout AMOSS, there are lots of examples, and tips such as ‘Did you know?’, ‘Caution’, ‘Reminder’ and ‘How to’. It also has a search function, bookmarks and downloadable, printable quick guides.

AMOSS is available at by annual subscription which is $60 for an individual. There is a discount price of $50 for IPEd members who need to login to the members’ section of the IPEd website for the code. Organisation subscriptions are also available. For more information, email

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