Editing for effective Powerpoint presentations

Powerpoint presentations are a common way to present information to audiences. But you don’t want your audience to suffer death by Powerpoint. Even Powerpoint presentations can benefit from editing. The top tip is be restrained.

Tips for editing presentations

  • Be restrained in the use of features, transitions, colours and fonts.
  • Don’t use every feature in a single presentation.
  • Reduce the number of slides.
  • Reduce the number of words on each slide.
  • Use images or simple tables instead of words.

Tips for editing text

  • Be careful of abbreviations. Abbreviations may save space but they can be harder to read.
  • Choose headings carefully.
  • Check how dot points break over two lines.
  • Don’t paste in text directly from a written article.
  • Reformat tables to present numbers clearly.

Remember the aim of any presentation is to clearly communicate your message. What is your message? Think about what you want the audience to remember after your presentation. Will the audience remember your message or the overuse of features such as transitions and animations? Only use features if they enhance your message.

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