The Style manual – a great resource

The Style manual for authors, editors and printers is published by the Australian Government to provide guidance on preparing material for publication. While originally intended to provide advice for government publications, it is widely used as a reference work for effective communication. 

The current Sixth Edition is a comprehensive reference of over 500 pages with five parts covering:

  • planning the communication
  • writing and editing
  • designing and illustrating
  • legal and compliance aspects of publishing
  • producing and evaluating the product.

Part 2 on writing and editing is the heart of the manual and provides best practice advice on grammar, spelling, punctuation, abbreviations, lists and much more. 

You don’t have to follow every recommendation in the Style manual, but it’s a great starting point to ensure clear and consistent communication.

Some practices have changed since the current edition was published back in 2002. When it is next updated, the new edition is likely to reflect trends towards minimal punctuation and include even more information on electronic publishing. 

The Style manual is only available in hard copy and has a RRP of $44.95. A great resource for all writers and editors.

6 thoughts on “The Style manual – a great resource

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