Edit is a four-letter word


As an editor, the title of this slim volume Edit is a Four-Letter Word by Glynis Scrivens caught my eye on the new book display in my local library. It is a guide for fiction writers on how to edit their own work, but still relevant to all writers.

Here are some messages I liked from the author and other writers in the book:

  • Edit is a four-letter word which requires other four-letter words: hard work, task, slog, pain and time.
  • Editing is all about creating a good first impression.
  • Aim for maximum impact with minimum words.
  • A badly edited piece of work will appear to be poorly written.
  • Language is your tool – use it wisely.
  • 90% of writing is rewriting.
  • Editing will transform your first draft.

For fiction writers, “edit” is the only path to other four-letter words: book deal, sale, cash and fame.

Writers can and should edit their own work and a professional editor can add even more value. See my January 2015 blog on How to edit your own work.

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