Dr Rhonda Daniels AE has renewed her Accredited Editor status

In September 2016, I was pleased to announce here that I was now an Accredited Editor with the Institute of Professional Editors.

What is an Accredited Editor?

An Accredited Editor has demonstrated their professional competence and understanding of editing standards, skills and knowledge by passing the Institute of Professional Editors’ three-hour accreditation exam. The exam, administered by IPEd’s Accreditation Board, measures an editor’s competence against the benchmark of the Australian standards for editing practice.

Editors who pass the accreditation exam are certified by the IPEd Accreditation Board and can use the postnominal AE (for ‘accredited editor’).

The accreditation scheme offers Australian editors a mechanism to demonstrate their competence and provides potential employers with confidence in the skills of the editors they use.


Accredited editors must apply for renewal every five years. In August 2021, IPEd advised I had met the requirements to renew my status as an Accredited Editor. I demonstrated:

  • ongoing work as an editor
  • ongoing professional development including participation in IPEd meetings and conferences
  • support of the profession, through my membership of IPEd’s Standing Committee on Academic Editing and Pay Rates Working Party and as a mentor in the mentoring program.

See my previous posts about IPEd conferences in 2017 here, in 2019 here and in 2021 here, fair hourly pay rates for editors here, and indicative costs for academic editing here.

To work with an accredited editor, please contact me at rhdaniels@bigpond.com

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