“An excellence of editors” – advancing the profession conference

I recently attended my first IPEd national editors conference, held in September in Brisbane. Thanks to the organisers, Editors Queensland, for their great work in producing a program to bring so many editors together from across the country for professional development.

There were several sessions on thesis editing including a workshop, two papers and a panel discussion which I was a member of, as well as informal discussion. There seemed to be agreement on the need to update the IPEd Guidelines for editing research theses, but views on the extent and direction of change varied. See my comments and suggestions to revise the Guidelines to better benefit editors, made to IPEd in November 2016.

Some conference sessions, including my participation in the panel discussion, are available as pay-to-view and conference proceedings will be available later in the year.

There was also much discussion on resources and business practices for freelance editors, some of which I will be including in my workshop on Improve your quoting practices on Friday 10 November 2017 for Editors NSW.

An “excellence” of editors was the winning collective noun chosen by audience acclamation, replacing the previous conference vote for a “cardigan” of editors. Yes, we like to be comfy when concentrating on excellence in editing.

For editing and writing inquiries, contact me at rhdaniels@bigpond.com

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