Editing on the edges: the IPEd editors conference, June 2021

The 10th Institute of Professional Editors conference held online 29–30 June 2021 was an opportunity to reflect on editing practice, both as individual editors and collectively as a profession.

Editing edges and boundaries

In his presentation on editors as boundary umpires, IPEd patron Roly Sussex provided examples of editors’ role in deciding if language is in or out over the boundary, and what to do about it. He noted the boundary may be hard to discern and recognised there are intense disagreements about socio-cultural boundaries on race, gender, sex, ableism and ethnicity.

Several speakers provided guidance on being more inclusive in our editing practice, in many different dimensions, with powerful examples from lived experience. There is always more to learn, and all professional editors are striving to be more aware of and support:

  • inclusive and respectful language and editing
  • culturally safe practices
  • inclusive publishing for people with print disabilities
  • improved web accessibility and web design
  • plain English writing.

Academic editing

As a member of IPEd’s Standing Committee on Academic Editing, I presented an update on our work and discussed navigating academic editing in a COVID world. Editors must be aware of and respond to changing environments and opportunities. I was pleased to announce that indicative costs for a range of academic editing work developed by the committee are now available on the IPEd website here, to provide guidance to clients.

This was the third IPEd conference I have attended. I know from my previous reports on 2017 here and 2019 here that it takes time for me to absorb and reflect on all the information presented to improve my own editing practice for clients and contribute to the profession. There are many useful resources to follow up to be the agent of change I discussed here last blog.

For advice on editing, please contact me on rhdaniels@bigpond.com

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