Indicative costs for editing a range of academic work

The Institute of Professional Editors, known as IPEd, has released guidance for potential clients on the costs of editing a range of academic work including journal articles, theses and grant applications. The indicative costs and notes on the range of factors which may affect costs are available here. Note the IPEd website is under review in August 2021 and the location may change.

The indicative costs complement the fair hourly pay rates for self-employed editors released by IPEd in June 2020. See more information here.

I am pleased to be a member of IPEd’s Standing Committee on Academic Editing which developed this new information, and also a member of IPEd’s Pay Rates Working Party which developed the fair hourly pay rates in 2020.

Many clients who have not used a professional editor before may not be aware of the likely costs. These indicative costs for academic editing allow clients, particularly research students, to budget and prepare well ahead of time, regardless of which editor they use.

There are many sources of funding which can contribute to cover the costs of professional editing, and clients should be aware of all the sources available to them before approaching an editor. These sources can include funds within the school, Faculty or university, national and international scholarships and grants, supervisor research funds, project funds or external sources.

The IPEd costs are indicative only, and editors will always want to see the full work to be edited before providing a quote which is fair to both the client and the editor.

Please contact me about editing your academic work:

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