Academic publishing tips from Elsevier

Academic publisher Elsevier has released their latest Authors’ Update enewsletter. One of the articles, How to overcome obstacles to publishing in English, has great tips for publishing in the English language.

Elsevier takes a closer look at the challenges researchers from developing and/or non-English speaking countries face when trying to get their work published in journals and determines what they can do to overcome them.

There are seven recommendations for researchers to increase their chances of publication success including linguistic editing. Most tips are relevant to researchers in both English-speaking and non-English speaking countries.

Read this article and more at

My tip for successful journal publishing is to meet the journal’s requirements in both content and formatting style. If the journal has a specific word limit for articles, make sure you meet it. Don’t make it easy for a journal to reject your article simply because it doesn’t meet the word limit and style guidelines.

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