Write for your reader and audience

It’s easy when writing a document or designing a powerpoint presentation to focus on what you want to tell the audience. This is a great start. But also think about what your likely reader or audience wants to know and hear.

Your aim is to communicate in a way that readers will remember because you have interested and engaged your audience.

What are your key messages? What do you want your reader or audience to do afterwards? Have you presented the information to make it easy for them to do this?

Consider these tips:

  • think about your content from the perspective of the audience
  • start with an example, fact or image to catch attention and introduce the topic
  • change the order of the content
  • use the right headings to structure and organise the content
  • use language at the right level for the audience
  • finish with ways to follow up, get more information and take action.

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