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Editing Australia’s Census – thanks to everyone for the high quality

The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Census of Population and Housing is a huge undertaking of great significance to Australian public data and decision making. The release of the first data in July 2022 from our most recent 5-yearly Census in August 2021 is significant. There was much media attention including discussion of questions and wording, suggestions for future data collection, and even discussion of appropriate description of the “average” Australian. It is great to see so much interest in such an important source of information.

Apart from diligently filling in my form online last August, I was not involved in the 2021 Census at all. However, I have used Census data in my previous research life and public sector jobs in urban and transport planning, and now as a volunteer for the Institute of Professional Editors’ Pay Rates Working Party. I edit academic and research material for clients which uses Australian Bureau of Statistics data from the Census and other sources including its spatial classifications. From all my experience, I know how important the data is, and even had my letter supporting the Census published in The Sydney Morning Herald when Census funding was under threat.

As an editor striving for high quality communication in research, I send a special thank you to everyone involved in the high quality of the Australian Census, from the forms to all the summary reports and data releases. The Australian Bureau of Statistics sets a high standard for all and shows the value of a high quality approach to data collection, analysis and presentation.

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