How to avoid a journal editor’s reject pile

Academic publisher Elsevier says that its journal editors reject between 30 and 50% of the articles submitted to Elsevier journals before they even reach the peer-review stage, and one of the top reasons for rejection is poor language. Journal editors make decisions at their desk before the paper even gets to reviewers.

Elsevier says journal editors don’t like:

  • sloppy copy
  • unclear messages
  • inconsistency and inaccuracy
  • unsuitability
  • unclear impact or novelty.

No surprises there!

Tips to avoid the reject pile

  • Take care as you write and type and ask someone else to read your paper.
  • Use short sentences and simple language to focus on your message.
  • Check once, check twice and check again.
  • Check your manuscript is within the scope of the journal.
  • Be clear about the findings, what’s new and the impact on the research field. But don’t overstate the impact.

See the article and more in the latest Authors’ Update from Elsevier at Authors’ Update.

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