What I really want to say is…

If you are having trouble writing a complex or important idea, sentence or paragraph, a good tip is to say out loud what you are really trying to say, then write those words down.

For instance, what I really want to say is… “This problem is complex with many causes and many solutions”. This gives you a starting point which you can then modify by replacing words, rephrasing, rearranging and expanding. Sometimes you may replace simple words with more formal words, or you may expand a word into a phrase or a whole new sentence.

But you may be surprised – often what you first write down when you say “what I really want to say is”, is good enough to stay, particularly if you have been thinking about the words and ideas for a while.

The “What I really want to say…” technique can be used for a range of written material from sympathy notes to speeches to summary or conclusion paragraphs.

What I really want to say is… Writing can be difficult, but write down something simple to start with. It also gives your editor something to work with.

2 thoughts on “What I really want to say is…

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